4 April, 2019
Social Promotion Foundation participates in the 13th edition of IEB Solidario

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On April 3, the Foundation participated in the XIII edition of the IEB Solidario. This solidarity event is held on an annual basis and brings together at the IEB headquarters about thirty foundations and NGOs with the aim of publicizing the social work they do, their projects, and the different ways of collaborating in their volunteering.

The NGOs present in addition to Social Promotion were, Caritas, AECC, Banco de Alimentos, Down Madrid, África Directo, Fundación del Valle, Cooperación Internacional, Fundación Madrina, Fundación Senara, Red Madre, Fundación Sauce, Youth Wake Up, Asociación Argadini, Madre Coraje, Prójimo Próximo, Soñar Despierto, Hospitalidad de Ntra. Sra. de Lourdes, Pan y Peces and Ángeles Urbanos.

On behalf of the Social Promotion Foundation, José Luis Zatarain, Director of Communication and Volunteering, and Lucía García Gilabert, Communication Department, were present and commented on the activity of the Foundation to all the participants who came to the stand.

This action is part of the activity of education for the development of the Social Promotion Foundation.

The students and professors of this university center could get information about our projects of:

Humanitarian Aid:

MADAD-REBAHS: Improving access to quality services in primary health care, community health, and mental health services for Syrian refugees and other vulnerable populations in Lebanon; Social Promotion is responsible for the provision of mental health services and psychosocial support (MHPSS) in Zahlé (Bekaa Valley).

Since January 2019 this project has a new component focused on the training of health professionals, humanitarian personnel of NGOs and agencies present in Lebanon working in the disability sector and Syrian volunteers, and in the collection of relevant information on the current situation of the disability in Lebanon.

The project  is funded by the General Directorate for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) of the European Commission and is based on the general objective of the European Union Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (“MADAD Fund”) of respond to the “needs of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, as well as the communities that host refugees and their administrations, particularly in terms of resilience and speedy recovery.

International cooperation for development:

AECID agreements for agricultural development in Palestine: Sustainable and equitable rural development in the West Bank, in the rural communities of Tulkarem and Qalqilya and in Nablus and Khan Younis.

AECID agreement for agricultural development in Ethiopia, in the Somali Region, of high vulnerability in food security.

Integrated rural development projects in Nicaragua, Palestine (Gaza) and Ethiopia (East Wellega).

Projects of education improvement in East Jerusalem, Lebanon, and Kenya.

Training, education, professional training projects for women in Ecuador, Lebanon, and India.

Youth Mun Madrid I & II Projects, Young people with a global vision and transforming leadership that encourage their participation in institutional areas and promote global citizenship through participation in MUN models (Model United Nations).

Volunteering of the Social Promotion Foundation.