3 February, 2018
The correct training of health sector personnel is essential to offer a guarantee and quality health service in Ethiopia

The project “Improvement of the quality of health services in Akaki Kality (Addis Abeba) through the training of health workers”, funded by Obra Social “la Caixa”, started in 2015 , with the objective of training health personnel from both public and private centers in the sub-city of Akaki Kaliti, in the capital of Ethiopia.

Training health personnel is essential in matters related to health, hygiene and good practices, but also with patient care, optimization of procedures and management of health centers, to offer a service with greater guarantees and quality.

The project focuses on this aspect, foreseeing the completion of various courses for the training of health personnel and support personnel involved in patient care at 11 health centers, in these areas: laboratory quality management, integrated pharmaceutical logistics system, infection prevention and electronic information systems in health management. This training also has the approval and certification of the Ethiopian Ministry of Health.

During the month of December, some pieces of training have ended, “Laboratory Quality Management Systems (QLMS)” or “Infection prevention and patient safety (IPPS)”, in whose development various workshops and evaluations have been included to assess the assimilation of the acquired knowledge. The results of the end of the year tests have been qualitatively much higher than those of other moments in the project.

Likewise, work related to the installation of hardware has recently been completed, and training has been given to the staff of the San Gabriel Health Center on its use. After two weeks of implementation of the new computer system, all departments already used the electronic method, which has survived for a while with the paper, now beginning in February the final withdrawal of the latter.

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