14 June, 2024
The students of EFA Torrealedua and El Campico express their creativity and commitment to the rural reality in Peru through their drawings and stories

From Social Promotion Foundation we would like to share the creative works of short stories and drawings made by the students of the Escuelas Familiares Agrarias (EFA) Torrealedua and El Campico, located in the Valencian Community. These students participated in the contest “Your creativity as a loudspeaker”, an initiative of Education for Development and Global Citizenship (EpDCG), which sought to raise awareness among these young people about the rural reality in Peru through art and reflection.

Prior to the contest, the students attended various educational sessions held during the last quarter of 2023, which highlighted the importance of the 2030 Agenda and personal commitment to achieve a more equitable and sustainable world. During these activities, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) “Decent Work and Economic Growth” (SDG 8) and “Gender Equality” (SDG 5) were discussed in particular.

This awareness-raising was part of a cooperation project of the Foundation, financed by the Valencian Regional Goverment, which is being developed in the Chipuluc micro-watershed (Cutervo, Peru) together with the local partner Escuela Campesina de Educación y Salud (ESCAES). The main objective of this project, which ends on June 30, is to contribute to the improvement of resilience and capacity building in vulnerable rural communities in the region, promoting sustainable and egalitarian rural development.

The participation of the Agricultural Family Schools (EFA) in this activity has been particularly relevant, not only because of their crucial role in the fight against rural depopulation, but also because of their contribution to the presence and participation of women in rural communities. This experience has allowed the students to reflect more deeply on the differences and similarities between the rural context of Peru and that of the Valencian Community, especially in the areas of Ribera Alta or Vega Baja del Segura, where they are located.

The impressive works created by these young people reflect their creativity, commitment and vision towards a more just and sustainable future.

Tu creatividad como altavoz: dibujos y relatos

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